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Genius song: Himesh returns with a pleasant 'Tera Fitoor' to cast a spell on this college romance

Composed by Himesh Reshammiya and sung by Arijit Singh, 'Tera Fitoor' is the first song from the film, Genius. 

Shriram Iyengar

Composer Himesh Reshammiya is back. After hit songs like 'Aashiq Banaya Aapne' and 'Tera Suroor', the composer-singer-actor has now delivered 'Tera Fitoor' as the title track for Anil Sharma's Genius. The film also marks the debuts of actors Utkarsh Sharma and Ishita Chauhan. Sung by Arijit Singh, it seems to be a good start to what looks like a teenage romance-meets-CIA thriller. 

The composition by Reshammiya is a throwback to the early days of his fantastic music career. Simple, pleasant and with a catchy keyword, the song has the potential to be an earworm (another Reshammiya trait). The composition has a simple traditional base with an elegant tabla percussion providing the rhythm base to the rest of the structure. However, the composer has added very little frills in terms of synthesisers or guitar. This allows Singh's voice to cast its spell. 

As for the visuals, the song captures the expression of love from Sharma's 'genius' towards Chauhan's college idol. However, the young actor seems a little overt in his expressions. Perhaps that fault lies in the choreography which is ordinary, and seems to return to the early 2000s style of boy-meets-girl moments which cue the start of a song. Despite that, the song is well worth a listen. 

Genius will be out in theatres on 24 August.

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