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31 Divas trailer: Filmmaker fights all odds to make dream movie

The trailer of the film, starring Shashank Ketkar, reveals a lot about the film.

Keyur Seta

Marathi filmmakers have been exploring newer subjects in modern times. Now, director Ashish Bhelkar has come up with the novel subject of a first-time filmmaker's struggle with the film, 31 Divas. The trailer of the film, however, reveals a lot about the film.

The story revolves around a young man, Makarand Sawant (Shashank Ketkar), who is eager to become a filmmaker. Being a novice, he has to struggle a lot. So, he becomes an assistant director and at the same time tries pitching a script written by him. However, he doesn’t find a producer. In order to make ends meet, he also becomes a drama teacher for a group of visually-challenged students.

He finally gets a chance to become a director and make his debut film, Curfew, which is based on the Kashmir situation. However, an accident takes place while shooting an action sequence which leaves Makarand hospitalized. But he doesn’t give up, comes back and vows to complete the film in 31 days.

The story has the potential to appeal to anyone struggling in any field of performing arts. But the trailer lacks proper flow. For example, the love track appears forced. The background music is distracting and many of the twists seem to be out in the trailer itself.

In the end, Makarand says that he needs 31 days, of which he would prepare for 30 days and shoot in one day. While this logic appears strange, we can hope it is justified in the movie.

Ketkar appears promising in the leading role. The rest of the actors don't get much footage in the trailer.

31 Divas will be released on 20 July.

Watch the trailer:

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