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Aamhi Doghi teaser: Priya Bapat and Mukta Barve in a sweet, unusual bond

The film, directed by Pratima Joshi, will be released on 16 February. 

Keyur Seta

The posters of director Pratima Joshi’s Aamhi Doghi generated enough interest for audiences to look forward for more on the film. The first teaser of the film is impressive, and gives a peek into an unusual, heartwarming tale. 

Aamhi Doghi (Both Of Us), starring Mukta Barve and Priya Bapat, is about the bond between two women who are poles apart. The teaser starts with introducing both characters and ends with a question as to what their relationship should be called.

While Amla (Barve) is a typical housewife, whose understanding of the world does not extend beyond household chores, Savitri (Bapat) is a confident, happy-go-lucky schoolgirl. As their bond grows strong, Savitri encourages the timid Amla to live life to the fullest. 

Given the changes in Savitri's hairstyles, one can assume the film shifts temporally.

Though the teaser is just over a minute long, it makes you feel for Amla and Savitri. The presentation of the characters and the sweet, soothing background music are praiseworthy.

This is Bapat and Barve’s second film together. They were earlier seen in Deepak Balraj Vij’s Aika Dajiba (2010). 

Aamhi Doghi is all set to be released on 16 February. 

Watch the teaser: