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Akshay Kumar: Always wanted to do socially relevant films, but didn't have money

During an interview with, the actor said he always wanted to produce films on national issues and social responsibility.

Suparna Thombare

In career spanning over 27 years, actor Akshay Kumar has constantly shifted gears, moving between different genres, including action, comedy, romance and most recently socially relevant themes.

The actor-producer, who will next be seen in Pad Man (2018), which talks about menstrual hygiene and making sanitary pads accessible to rural women, believes that cinema makes a lot more impact than advertisements or documentaries when it comes to social messages. "Cinema does create more (a bigger) impact. When a documentary starts on screen, I have always seen people step out to use the washroom or buy something to eat. But when a film begins people sit there with their eyes wide open." 

Akshay's recent films on themes of patriotism and social issues include the likes of Toilet: Ek Prem Katha (2017), Jolly LLB 2 (2017), Airlift (2016) and Baby (2015), among others. 

While many view his dabbling in subjects with a social message or national pride as a conscious image makeover in the last 3-4 years, Akshay says that he has always wanted to make films that are socially relevant and carry certain responsibility. "I always had the feeling (of being socially responsible and making films on the theme) but I didn't have the money to make those films. When I had money to make them I started producing those films."  

The actor also says that he has constantly attempted to do a variety of films through out his career. 

"I have always tried that my one film should not match the other film. So now I am doing a film like Pad Man and the next one will have me playing a villain and fighting Rajinikanth. So that is a complete change. So I feel like going for a complete changeover," says Akshay, adding, "Many people say why do you want to play villain's role', but I liked that role so I did it."

Akshay also has to his credit films with 22 first-time directors and 17 debut actresses. Working with such a huge variety of filmmakers has definitely contributed to his evolution as an actor. 

He says that his process of getting into the spirit of the film and his own role constantly changes depending on the director he is working with. 

"Maximum my process is that if I am friends with someone I will enact the way he is. If I become friends with someone else, and he will be a very different person, I will respond to him in that way that he responds to me. The way he wants me to be I will be with him. I mould myself. When I work with any director, I become like water. If he puts his hand like this (enacting like there is water in his palm) I will settle here. If he changes his hand position, I will settle accordingly. My whole body and personality will mould the way he (director) wants me to," Akshay explains.