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Beyond The Clouds trailer: Malavika Mohanan pays for Ishaan Khatter’s big dreams

Iranian director Majid Majidi's maiden Hindi film has an endearing story set in Mumbai.

Mayur Lookhar

Who doesn’t like to make a quick buck? The only problem is it never comes easy and often at a price. Shahid Kapoor’s half-brother Ishaan Khatter makes his debut with Iranian director’s maiden Hindi film, Beyond The Clouds. The makers released the trailer today and it’s one that will strike a chord with the millions in Mumbai with big dreams in their eyes.

Amir (Khatter) is a slumdog who wants to make a quick buck. Lured by greed, he gets involved in drug dealing. However, his dreams are shattered when the police come looking for him. He asks Tara (Malavika Mohanan) to keep a drug packet safe. Amir escapes, but Tara lands behind bars.

Majidi spells out his story clearly in the trailer. Is it fresh? No. However, the visuals in the trailer, and the lead actors show great promise. Khatter and Malavika impress with their intensity. Malavika's emotional breakdown in jail will leave you numb.

In the trailer, we hear Amir say that Tara is the one who raised him. The nature of their relatioship is not spelt out. The film also has the talented Tanishtha Chatterjee who makes a fleeting appearance in the trailer.

Malavika, who has previously acted in Malayalam cinema, makes her Hindi film debut with Beyond The Clouds.

Beyond The Clouds, which opened the 48th International Film Festival of India last year, will be released on 23 March.

Watch the trailer below: