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Aamhi Doghi Take 2: Priya Bapat, Mukta Barve display their sweet friendship again

Pratima Joshi's directorial debut appears promising.

Keyur Seta

The first 'take' of director Pratima Joshi’s Aamhi Doghi gave a glimpse of the sweet bond between the characters played by Priya Bapat and Mukta Barve.

That teaser revealed that the story has a long timeframe, as Bapat’s character progresses from schoolgirl to grown-up woman. 

The second 'take', which was released recently, reveals a few more details about the relationship. We are now shown that the start of their friendship wasn’t all hunky-dory. Barve’s quiet and reserved nature is also seen more clearly now.

But nothing much is revealed about the main plot in this teaser either, except for introducing a new character, Bapat's character's boyfriend, played by Bhushan Pradhan. It is good that the filmmakers are not going down the road taken by some producers these days, who reveal almost everything in the trailer.

The emotional and light-hearted feel is maintained in Take 2, just like in Take 1. This means expectations from the film are still high. 

Aamhi Doghi is Joshi's first directorial. A well-known fashion designer, she has assisted director Chandrakant Kulkarni on a number of films prior to this. 

Aamhi Doghi is scheduled to be released on 23 February. 

Watch Aamhi Doghi Take 2 here:

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