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Karni Sena representative pleased to see Deepika’s body covered, Khilji's portrayal in Padmaavat

Suresh Chavhanke, who watched the film, said protestors should watch the film before objecting to it.

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Suresh Chavhanke, a media person, saw Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmaavat as the representative of the Rajput Karni Sena. The Sena's members have been violently protesting against the release of the film. After watching it, he believes that the filmmaker has bowed down to the demands of the protesters by removing all ‘objectionable’ scenes from the film. 

Speaking to the media, he said, “Our biggest concern was that maa Padmavati shouldn’t have a scene with the cruel Khilji. Neither a dream sequence nor should he touch her in any reflection. As you must have heard, after putting in a lot of money, there were such chances. But it is a victory of the Rajputs that the cruel Khilji couldn’t touch maa Padmavati either in real or in Bhansali’s movie,” he said. 

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Chavhanke is also the chairman, managing director and editor-in-chief of Noida based Sudarshan News that is known for its pro-right wing coverage. 

He is pleased to see Deepika Padukone’s (who plays Padmavati) stomach covered through special effects and the absence of ‘other’ men in the ‘Ghoomar’ song. “We are also satisfied that there were no ‘other’ men in the ‘Ghoomar’ song, except Raja Rawal, and no part of her body was exposed. After they covered her stomach through digital effects, we have no problems with that,” he added. 

Chavhanke believes the portrayal of antagonist Alauddin Khilji is right. “There was nothing to glorify him. But even if there were chances, it is still not there. In fact, we would say Khilji was shown just like he was — unworthy, anti-national, terrorist or whatever one can tell him in anger. So, there is nothing objectionable in this too,” he added. 

However, he is not happy with the glorification of Khilji’s wife int he film. “They have somewhat glorified Khilji’s wife. They have shown her saving maa Padmavati. Why did they show? The reason could be secularism, which is like a disease in India,” said Chavhanke. 

Despite no ‘objectionable’ scenes in the film, he believes protests were necessary. But, he feels one should protest only after watching the film.

“Bhansali has bowed down because of the protests. Which means the protests were necessary. I am against the film but I still saw it. When you have an option of watching the film, I would advise them to better to watch it and then protest. There is no need to kill or get killed. This is the biggest Rajput victory after Independence, which the Hindu samaj has achieved after coming onto the streets,” he said. 

Hemendra, a historian too thinks Bhansali has made changes in the film, giving in to the demands of the protestors: “Bhansali has bowed down. There have been a lot of changes. After watching the film, I feel Rajputs shouldn’t protest. Even if they do, they should do it with peace. I would appeal them not to vandalize anything.”

Ironically, even after their appeal, around 200 protesters vandalized multiplexes and burned down vehicles in Ahmedabad last night. 

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Chavhanke didn’t mince words while speaking of the Supreme Court that had lifted the ban on Padmaavat by the states. “We had torn the Supreme Court apart on our channel, which doesn’t respect people’s feelings,” he added. 

He further added that the decision whether to contiue with the protest will be taken by the heads of Karni Sena today. “Those who had sent me to watch the film will come in front of you and tell you about it,” said Chavhanke. 

Watch Chavhanke's interaction with the media: