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Anurag Kashyap: I want to expand my audience

The Mukkabaaz (2018) filmmaker said he will tone down the language in his films, but not the anger.

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Our Correspondent

Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap has said that he wants to expand his audience, and so he will tone down the language in his films, but not the anger.

His latest, Mukkabaaz (2018), hardly has any profanity or violent scenes as compared the Kashyap's previous films. Mukkabaaz also does not have sexually explicit content.

“I want to make socially relevant films. I also want to expand my audience. I want to tell more stories because it’s in my blood. I also want my films to reach out to more people. For example, I wanted budding sportspersons to watch Mukkabaaz — 10-12 year-old children. If that means I need to tone down the language, I will. I will not tone down the anger of it, but I will tone down the language,” Kashyap told Hindustan Times newspaper.

In addition to toning down the language, Kashyap is also hoping to make more films a year.

“I also want to make two films in a year. At least three films in two years. Production me ghus gaya toh usse door ho gaya tha (I was away from direction ever since I entered production),” Kashyap added.