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Actor Vikram apologizes for cutting Soori's scenes in Sketch

The actor said he is ready to make up for it by playing a comedian in a film that has Soori in the lead.

Manigandan KR

Actor Vikram has tendered an apology to comedian Soori for cutting down his scenes in the recently released film Sketch. Soori is one of the leading comedians in the Tamil film industry today, yet his role in the film was limited to just a few scenes.

Confessing that he was responsible for the chopping of the comedian's scenes, the actor said at the film's success party, "When I told him about the decision to cut down his portions, he very generously agreed. To make up for what I have done, I am willing to act in another film in which he plays the hero and I play the comedian. If that is not fine, I am also open to acting in a film in which both of us play heroes. Otherwise, I will work with him in another film."

Calling Soori a perfect "gentleman" who kept to himself when on the sets, Vikram said, "He would silently come to the sets do his work and go back. The reason I chose to cut down on his portions was because I felt that his comedy portions were slowing down an otherwise fast moving script. I am responsible for cutting down his portions and I am sorry about it."