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Shibani Kashyap’s new single 'Wannabe Free' about over reliance on social media

The singer's latest single speaks out against the growing addiction to social media across the world.

Our Correspondent

In the age of social media, it is difficult to escape the lure of the screen. Singer Shibani Kashyap, though, is working to lure people away from the screens. The singer's latest song talks about the damage of social media on daily life. In her upcoming single titled ‘Wannabe Free’, the singer takes to music with a cause by encouraging everyone to free themselves from the shackles of social media.

Composed by Kashyap with Rashmi Virag’s lyrics, this song is set to be released under the Zee Music label by the end of January.

Known for speaking her mind, Kashyap has often used music to take a stance. Again, she turns to her music to create a song that speaks against the growing isolation among people due to an over reliance on social media. 

Speaking about the song, Kashyap said, "With this song, I wish to reach out to the youth who are dangerously addicted to social media. Hope this influences people to change their ways and become more responsive towards their friends and family."