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Kriti Sanon on 'Nothing To Hide' award: If your name is announced, it's humble to accept it

The Bareilly Ki Barfi (2017) actress says she never asked for any awards.

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Mayur Lookhar

The credibility of most award shows have come into question for more than just dubious decisions. Over the years, in a bid to please the sponsors, many award organisers have introduced some bizarre categories.

This year at the Star Screen Awards, Kriti Sanon and Shahid Kapoor were given a unique award called, Nothing To Hide. At first, it was thought to be gag, but as it turned out, it was indeed a genuine award. The award show was mocked with memes like ‘The good for nothing award’, ‘Nothing to hide awards shows stupidity award’. However, Sanon hit back at her trolls.

The Bareilly Ki Barfi (2017) actress reminded everyone that she never asked for any award. Sanon was one the hosts of the award show.

When contacted, Sanon told via text message, "If your name is announced, I just feel that it's humble to accept it. To each his own. Also, it was called Nothing To Hide as that was the tagline of the sponsor, but it was explained as an award for fast growing digital popularity which is something that I credit my fans for."

"A digital popularity award has been given in the past too. Just the name changed for the sponsors..." added Sanon.

"As long as I am not asking someone to give me an award, it [the win] is fine. If I am given enough to accept it. The title was, in fact, a tagline of one of the sponsors of the show. This award connects me with my fans. I don't think I needed to respond to this, but a lot was written about the win. Besides, nowadays, there are different awards being handed out, including one called a 'Youth Icon'. So, I don't see why this is surprising,” Sanon had told the tabloid Mid-Day.

In 2016, veteran actor Rishi Kapoor was left amused after Parineeti Chopra got an award for losing weight. Kapoor was given the the lifetime achievement award at the event.

“I couldn’t believe it when they gave an award to Parineeti Chopra for losing weight. Will they give me one for gaining weight?”,” Kapoor had asked DNA newspaper then.