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Hindi cinema’s ‘Maa’ Nirupa Roy’s sons’ property dispute takes a nasty turn

Kiran and Yogesh have been fighting over the Embassy Apartments property in Malabar Hills for a long time.

Our Correspondent

The property dispute between Nirupa Roy’s sons, Kiran and Yogesh, took a nasty turn after the two of them had a brawl over a petty matter earlier in the week.

As reported by a news agency, Kiran called the police late on Monday night and complained against Yogesh’s children for allegedly disturbing him by making noise. According to the police, he also accused Yogesh of barging into their property, smashing window panes and hurling abuses. But no offence has been registered.

The two brothers have been fighting over the Embassy Apartments property for a long time. The four-bedroom apartment is currently divided between two sons since they both have been claiming that they have inherited the house as per two different wills presented to them. It is a 3,000-square foot apartment with a garden in Mumbai’s posh Malabar Hill locality.

After Nirupa's death in 2004, her husband Kamal Roy became the sole owner of the property till his death in 2015. The dispute between Kiran and Yogesh worsened after his passing away.

Nirupa is known for her motherly acts in mainstream Hindi cinema in the yesteryears. She is well-known for playing Amitabh Bachchan’s mother. She played characters of a loving mother who would imbibe good qualities in her sons. It's quite ironic to see her real-life sons at each other's throats.