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GR Aathityaa's Savarakkathi to be released on 9 February

The film is based on a chance meeting between an incorrigible liar and an honest man.

Manigandan KR

Director GR Aathityaa’s film Savarakkathi, which features eminent directors Ram and Mysskin in the lead roles along with actress Poorna, will be released on 9 February.

Written by Mysskin, this is the first time the director-actor-screenwriter has attempted to write a comedy.

Aathityaa, who is making his directorial debut with Savarakkathi, has previously worked as an assistant director on several films. Talking to Cinestaan.com, he dedicated the film to legendary actors of the comedy genre. “I want to dedicate this film to Charlie Chaplin, comedy actors JP Chandrababu, TS Balaiah and Nagesh.  I love Charlie Chaplin as he could explain humanity like no other,” he said.

Talking about the film, director Mysskin said: “It is an emotional and humourous story. Savarakkathi is about a barber, who is basically an incorrigible liar. He simply can’t stop lying. Director Ram plays this role. What happens when this barber meets another man whose nature is exactly the opposite of this guy? I play that guy in the film. My character is that of a guy who has to go back to prison in six to seven hours as he has come out on parole. What happens if these two characters meet outside the shop is what the film is about. It is a beautiful film. The entire story takes place within a matter of 10 to 12 hours.”