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Yuntum teaser: Ravi Jadhav presents another adolescent love story

Those following the contemporary Marathi cinema won’t find anything novel in the teaser.

Keyur Seta

Apart from being one of the prolific directors in Marathi cinema, Ravi Jadhav also takes interest in producing films by young and upcoming directors. His latest production is director Sameer Asha Patil’s Yuntum (not to be confused with Sameer Patil who directed Poshter Boyz, 2014 and Shentimental, 2017).

The teaser of the film was released on 8 January.

The film stars Vaibhav Kadam and Apurva Shelgaokar in lead roles. Going by the teaser, the film narrates the love story of two college students.

They are introduced in a scene where Shelgaokar's character is seen working in the college science laboratory, while Kadam's character is seen chasing someone with a stick in the corridor. Kadam throws the stick and it accidentally hits Shelgaokar's science aparatus, that catches fire. The flames are, perhaps, symbolic of the nature of the relationship that the protagonists will share in the film.

Over the last seven years or so, Marathi cinema has churned out a number of love stories revolving around teenagers or adolescents. The teaser of Yuntum brings back memories of quite a few such films including Sairat (2016), Shala (2012), Fandry (2014) and Jadhav’s own directorial Time Pass (2014). 

Those following contemporary Marathi cinema won’t find anything novel in the teaser. One can just hope that the film offers something new in terms of the storyline. After all, a line in the teaser reads ‘Love gets a new meaning.’

Yuntum is all set to be released on 2 February. 

Watch the teaser: