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Why director Pratima Joshi had to wait for a year to make Aamhi Doghi

The film, starring Priya Bapat and Mukta Barve, is all set to be released on 23 February.

Keyur Seta

After getting a positive response for its trailers, Pratima Joshi’s directorial debut Aamhi Doghi, starring Priya Bapat and Mukta Barve, is all set to be released in February.

But the road to the release wasn’t easy for her. She had to patiently wait for a year before producer Sanjay Chhabria (Everest Entertainment) agreed to get on board. At a media interaction today (8 February), the director spoke of her journey thus far.

Joshi initially felt Chabbria wasn’t keen on making the film. “I and writer Bhagyashree Jadhav felt the film will get proper justice if Sanjay Chhabria produces it. Sanjay ji heard the script and he instantly said that he liked it. But he said, ‘I have a lot of commitments right now. I can’t do this film for another year.’ I felt he hasn’t liked the script and this is a different way of saying no. He asked us to go ahead if they find another producer and return to him if we don’t,” she said. 

Pratima Joshi

There was no luck with other producers they approached either. “Eventually, I just didn’t feel like doing it with someone else. Don’t know why but after a year I again felt like asking Sanjay ji,” Joshi recalled. 

However, this time around she was pleasantly surprised. “You would be surprised to know that he remembered the script along with the names of the characters. He said that he has liked the script a lot and he wishes to do it and take it forward,” she added. 

She also shared an interesting fact about the film’s release date. “On 23 February 2017, exactly a year ago, the film got finalized and now on 23 February 2018 we are releasing the film,” she said. 

Aamhi Doghi is adapted from one of late author Gauri Deshpande's short stories. The film is about the bond between two women, Amla (Barve) and Savitri (Bapat), who are poles apart.

While Amla is a typical housewife, whose understanding of the world does not extend beyond household chores, Savitri is a confident, happy-go-lucky schoolgirl. As their bond grows strong, Savitri encourages the timid Amla to live life to the fullest.