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Zayn Malik collaborating with AR Rahman on his next song

In an interview with the fashion magazine, Elle, the singer revealed he is recording his first song with AR Rahman. 

Shriram Iyengar

Zayn Malik is one of the most popular sensations in the music world. But the singer, who broke through with the band, One Direction, is now heading towards India. In his latest interview with the fashion magazine, Elle, Malik revealed that he is already working on a song with India's very own Grammy winner, AR Rahman. 

"It’s one of the first songs I’ve sung in full Hindi, so it’s going to be cool to see what the response is," the singer said. But it is the collaboration with AR Rahman that has got fans in India buzzing.

"There’s definitely a lot of Urdu; some nice qawwali sounds. There might even be some bhangra vibes. I have worked with AR Rahman on one song," Malik added.

Rahman has already quoted Malik as one of his favourite musicians to hear. In an interview with the music channel, VH1, the Oscar winning composer had mentioned Malik as a singer he often listens to. 

Malik, a professed fan of Hindi cinema, is also friends with Shah Rukh Khan. The actor met the Malik in 2015 at the Asian Awards in Dubai, and have since been in touch over social media. Khan even admitted in a recent Twitter Q and A, that his stock had risen among his children since he took a picture with Malik. 

In addition, the singer also posted an old picture of his father with another icon from Hindi cinema, Dilip Kumar. Writing 'Abu with Dilip Kumar', Malik seemed to point out that the love for Hindi cinema runs deep in the family. 


Abu with Dilip Kumar

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With the latest news of his recording with Rahman, it would seem that the singer is heading in the direction of India and that the Indians are welcoming him with open arms.