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Amitabh Bachchan hits back after being mocked for following Bigg Boss contestants 

The actor was criticised for following several contestants, including Hiten Tejwani and Shilpa Shinde, with many calling it a strategy to gain more followers. 

Our Correspondent

Amitabh Bachchan's war with Twitterverse is only getting more intense with every passing day. The actor seemed to get into another war of words with Tweeple after he was mocked for following contestants of the Bigg Boss show. 

Last week, the veteran actor threatened to quit the social media platform after his follower count dipped below the 33 million mark. That tweet went viral, leading to the actor laughing it off. But since then, the actor's account suspiciously began following several others like Bigg Boss contestants Hiten Tejwani and Shilpa Shinde. 

Fans of the senior actor, though, were confounded by this behaviour. Some even began criticising him for the choices. However, Bachchan had a reply ready at hand for those retorts. 

He wrote a poem on his Twitter handle, stating that he was following people out of his choice, and if it was deemed to be wrong, he would be happy to do it again. 

Incidentally, the actor's follower count has gone up to the mark of 33 million again. Well, even these battles have their advantages.