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Welcome To New York song 'Ishtehaar': As poor as a boring advertisement

Insipid lyrics and music coupled with the melodrama on screen will make you cringe. Even Rahat Fateh Ali Khan can’t save this track.

Mayur Lookhar

Diljit Dosanjh and Sonakshi Sinha's Welcome To New York promises to be a madcap entertainer as seen from the trailer, which was released last month.

Today, the makers unveiled their second track, 'Ishtehaar'. Yes, Advertisement, that’s the title of the song.

The problem is the track is as poor as a boring, annoying advertisement that breaks your rhythm while watching a show.

The biggest problem with the track is the insipid lyrics by Charanjeet Charan. More than lyrics, the words come across as text. ‘Mujhko padh kar woh aise bhool gaya, jaise kaagaz pe ishtehaar koi’. Hard as this line is to translate, the lyrics fail to impress you. Indeed, you get the impression Charan was suffering from writer’s block when working on this song.

With such poor lyrics, you can't really be critical of the singers. Everyone is entitled to their share of cringe-worthy numbers and 'Ishtehaar' will be considered Rahat Fateh Ali Khan's aberration.

However, one is not so sure Dhvani Bhanushali can escape her share of criticism. Though it is a sad song, Bhanushali did not need to sound like a sob story. Perhaps she got carried away by the emotions portrayed by the actors.

The song would have been bearable if the musical score was respectable, but Shamir Tandon’s tunes just don’t lift the track. The boring experience is completed by seeing the melodrama on the faces of Sinha and Dosanjh. Perhaps the actors themselves were not motivated by the lyrics.

You would be better off watching some ads, but if you insist on watching the song, here it is: 

Welcome To New York is set to be released on 23 February. Click here to predict the film's box-office performance.