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Renuka Shahane, Vidya, Farhan slam news channels for their coverage on Sridevi’s death

Actors like Vir Das, Rohit Roy, Celina Jaitly too crticized the TV media for the same. 

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Actress Renuka Shahane came down heavily on Indian news channels for sensationalizing, dramatizing and spreading vague theories on the death of actress Sridevi. Similarly, other actors like Vidya Balan, Vir Das, Rohit Roy and Celina Jaitly, too, have reacted on the death news coverage by news channels.

In an emotional Facebook post, Shahane urged news channels to spare a thought for Sridevi’s departed soul and her family. “Dear News Channels, please allow Srideviji's soul to rest in peace Please allow her family, friends & fans to grieve in peace. Imagine if it was your family member! Would you like a dissection like this about your loved one? Please have a modicum of respect for one who has passed. There is a thin line between news and salacious gossip. Do not be so disgusting [sic],” she said.

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She also condemned people spreading ‘news’ about how cosmetics and medicines would have affected Sridevi. “And all those writing Facebook posts with great concerns about "health" issues and other "cosmetic changes" that could be detrimental for health; would it be possible for you to wait at least for some time before passing judgement and giving unsolicited advise? Discuss it among your family and friends if it is that important to you. Live your lives the way you want to but let others live their lives the way they choose to and for heaven's sake, let them be in peace after they have passed away [sic],” added Shahane.

Vidya indirectly took a dig at the news channels by sharing a picture of Sridevi’s film Sadma and writing, “May they let you rest in peace....”

Akhtar, too, came up with a cryptic tweet that said, “There’s no bottom in the barrel of the graceless.”

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Das slammed these channels saying, “Dear Indian news channels, show a little tact. Parasites.” 

Roy expressed his disgust through a series of tweets. One of these read, “It is very very sad the way certain news channels are treating the passing of a lady, a daughter, a wife and most importantly, a mother of 2 young girls.. agreed, she was an actor n the ppl want to know details, but this?? #sridevi ji sorry but they won’t let you even RIP.” 

Jaitly described the whole scenario quoting Urdu poetry. “Meri maiyyat pey meri zindagi ki nilami Na kar, Kahi Aisa Na ho Ki kal Maut tere darwaze dastak dey Aur hum mushairah karey!!” she said. 

Examples on the reportage of Sridevi's death: