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I don’t see much of Noor in me: Adrit Roy on playing suburban character in Noor Jahaan

Roy has won hearts with his performance in Noor Jahaan, his debut film. Cinestaan.com met up with the actor to know of his journey and the path ahead.

Roushni Sarkar

Adrit Roy, who played Noor in Abhimanyu Mukherjee’s debut film Noor Jahaan, is winning hearts with his fresh performance. He has already signed his next film, Prem Amar 2, with Raj Chakraborty Productions, a big name in the Bengali film industry.

Cinestaan.com met up with the young actor to know of his journey and the path ahead. Excerpts.

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What kind of response you are getting for Noor Jahaan?

So far good. It was a little down for us on the first day as we are newcomers. Now it has almost been a week since the release and slowly we are picking up with each day. Although the market is not that good, as only few good [known] names are associated with the film and our director is also not that popular, I am hopeful that we will get better response from the second week.

What response you are getting for your performance?

I have recieved good feedback. Both in Kolkata and Bangladesh, the celebrities as well as the common people are enjoying our acts on the screen. The performances by my co-star Puja (Cherry) and Apa aunty (Aparajita Adhya) are being well appreciated as well.

So how did Noor Jahaan happen?

I was in the theatre group of Bengal Club, when I got a call from Joyeeta Roy, one of Raj Chakraborty’s associates. She asked me to come and meet Raj sir. As I met him, he told me he was thinking of casting me as a hero in one of his films. It was not Noor Jahaan but another film. I was quite astonished to get the offer. However, that film did not materialise and later on Noor Jahaan was made instead.

When did you start acting?

I was in La Martiniere Calcutta [a private school in Kolkata] and I was doing a lot of theatre from my 6th day in school. As I also sing, I would regularly be a part of all the cultural events that were part of the school curriculum. Till now, whenever I get an opportunity, I perform on stage.

What was the experience working with the first-time director, Abhimanyu Mukherjee?

It was great. He has been Raj sir’s associate for many years and is the one who has also written the screenplay and dialogues of the film. He is a kind of a director who not only monitors the actors but also works from the scratch.

He was very calm and patient with us since both Puja and I are newcomers. All I can say is that he got the best out of us.

Do you identify with some of the characteristics of Noor?

Not really. I am an urban guy and I don’t see much of Noor in me. Noor is from a lower-middle class family from the suburbs. He is a very good student and in the beginning of the film, he doesn’t focus on girls at all.

I think any suburban person can definitely relate to the innocence of Noor; the way he talks, the way he is. I think the primary reason of the shows going houseful these days is because people can actually relate to Noor.

To add to that, his character is not confined to a romantic love story, it rather goes through a lot of changes. Though we promoted the film as a cute love story, it reveals a lot of twists in the second half.

How was it working with Puja Cherry?

Adrit Roy and Puja Cherry in Noor Jahaan

It was a great experience. See, both of us are newcomers, hence, a lot of learning was going on. She had worked in a few films, not as a lead actress, but as a child artiste and she has also done a few tele-commercials in Bangladesh.

So I would learn the technicalities of acting in front of the camera from Puja, and she would take tips of stage acting from me.

What are the next projects you are working on?

Right now, we have already announced the sequel of Prem Amar, Prem Amar 2 under the banner of Jazz Multimedia and Raj Chakraborty Productions.

Would you like to share a memorable moment from the shooting of Noor Jahaan?

Having been the first film, the entire journey was memorable. Starting from the days of workshop to the promotion of the film, I enjoyed every bit of it.

Who is your favourite actor?

My favourite is Akshay Kumar. I really look up to him. I also adore Naseeruddin Shah and Irrfan Khan for the kinds of films they do.