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I will not give quarter or scooter: Kamal Haasan on political journey

The actor took questions from the audience at his first ever political rally on Wednesday.

Manigandan KR

Actor Kamal Haasan, who officially launched his party and its flag at a huge rally in Madurai yesterday, also answered questions posed by those who had turned up to attend the public meeting.

At several places in the meeting venue, boxes had been kept in which where fans and members of the public deposited pieces of paper on which they had posed questions to the new politician.

Haasan chose to answer some of the questions posed to him at the meeting itself. Some of the questions and answers have been reproduced below.

Where were you all these days?

I was there in your hearts. Now, I wish to stay in your homes. Take care of me as you would take care of a lamp that you would not allow to extinguish. 

We like you. But how long will you last in this political arena? Can we trust you?

I will stay in this as long as my last breath is there. After that, the next generation will arrive. As far as this movement is concerned, nobody will be a permanent chief minister.

Assuming we vote you to power, will you give free quarter (liquor) to men and free scooter to women?

I will not give all this. We will look to create opportunities for employment. By this move, we will make you altruists. Poverty will become poor. You will be in a position to give freebies to others.

Why Rameshwaram? Why the house of Kalam?

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam's house is in Rameshwaram and therefore I came here. More than blessings, I have more faith in justice and fairplay.

Will your children enter politics?

(Pointing to the crowd) These are my children.  They have already come to politics. Whether my daughters come to politics is based on their wish.