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Nothing new in film world flings, says screen veteran Sabitri Chatterjee

The Bengali actress, who was briefly in a live-in relationship with legendary star Uttam Kumar, turned 80 today.

Roushni Sarkar

Members of the Bengali film fraternity sent their best wishes and shared fond memories as legendary actress Sabitri Chatterjee turned 80 today.

Chatterjee, known for her work in films like Marutirtha Hinglaj (1959), Bhranti Bilas (1963), Grihadah (1967), Nishipadma (1970), Dhanyi Meye (1971) and Mouchak (1974), was recently presented the Lifetime Achievement award by the Filmfare Awards East 2018.

Popular character actor Kanchan Mullick, who is closely related to the actress through his wife, shared a few excerpts from his intimate interactions with her in local daily Sanbad Pratidin.

Mullick said, “It feels really bad that these days none of the actors from the present generation comes to her. I agree that acting cannot be taught; however, at least to understand the history of Bengali cinema, they should visit her to have a glimpse at the golden days of her times.”

Mullick mentioned that Chatterjee, who never shied away from admitting she was in love with legendary Bengali film star Uttam Kumar and was even in a brief live-in relationship with him, would often remark at the modern-day gossips and say, “We have all been into these kinds of affairs, during shooting, outside sets, with actors or directors and producers. Tell me something new about this generation."

Mullick recalled the day when he was tired after a tedious shooting schedule and got snubbed by his dearest Mamoni, who claimed to have delivered a shot of 800 feet in one take.

"Perhaps it is true that the veteran actors talk excess or they are not that fluent in English, but these are the actors who represent Bengali cinema to a global platform till date," he said.

“Actors who avoid her today, one day their skin will have wrinkles and the lipstick on their lips will slide on to their chins, but that day, no matter how hard they try, they won’t find Sabitri Chatterjee,” he said.

Apart from Mullick, celebrated stars Prosenjit Chatterjee and Rituparna Sengupta conveyed their best wishes for Sabitri Chatterjee. Abir Chatterjee shared a few clips from Thammar Boyfriend (2017) and shared some fond memories of working with her.