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Hichki song: 'Oye Hichki' a call against discriminatory hiccups that stall achievers

Composed by Jasleen Royal, the title song of the Rani Mukerji-starrer is sung by Harshdeep Kaur. 

Shriram Iyengar

Actress Rani Mukerji returned to her alma mater of Maneckji Cooper school in Mumbai to launch the title song of her upcoming film, Hichki.

Titled 'Oye Hichki' the song is a celebration of the flaws and fears that inhabit every individual. Mukerji plays a school teacher afflicted by Tourette's Syndrome trying to help underprivileged children find a way past the tough education system. The film, directed by Siddharth P Malhotra, will be released in theatres on 23 March. 

The song sticks to the theme of the film by dealing with the little flaws that are in-built in every individual. With the metaphor of 'hichki' (hiccup), a tick that Mukerji's character in the film suffers from, the song delivers the message of the battle everyone faces when trying to overcome their situation or fears. The visuals of girls trying to fight their own disability, being sidelined by society, and discriminated against also fit with the theme of the film. The sight of a girl trying on a fairness cream after being forced by her parents is a nice touch at the lasting discrimination. Mukerji takes on the role of the inspiring teacher driving her children on to success. While she fits the bill of a teacher, she has little to do in the song. 

Written by Jaideep Sahni, the lyrics are quite simple and carry a certain alliterative charm to them. However, they lack the punch that a title track needs to deliver. 

Jasleen Royal's music seeks to inspire and pepper its listeners with a slow building rhythm that reaches a crescendo towards the end. The song alternates between the percussion and Harshdeep Kaur's vocals with the 'Oye Hichki' tagline playing punctuation. Kaur delivers a simple and efficient rendering of the song, but fails to lift it. Despite the song being the first one of the film, it fails to inspire a great deal through its music.