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Pari teaser: This glimpse of Anushka's ghostly horror will curl up your toenails

The latest teaser of Anushka Sharma's home production, Pari, captures the ghost that lurks behind her innocent looks. 

Shriram Iyengar

Fans have been intrigued ever since Anushka Sharma released the first pictures of her next home production, Pari. The film seems to be built around the premise of a chained, locked-up girl within whom lurks a beastly presence. The new sneak-peek released by the makers has enough to curl up your toenails. 

The teaser begins with the sight of a benign Sharma watching a Looney Tunes episode on television. As the camera pans down, we are introduced to the chains that bind her hands and feet to the bed. The camera stops at her toes, as her nails grow in the most ghostly fashion.

Her bruised legs and feet have been the focal point since the first poster of the film was out. The bruise marks, perhaps, come from the metal chains she is bound with. But, the reason behind her captivity is what truly makes this teaser worthwhile.

The sight of the toenails slowly taking a beastly form is chilling to say the least. The decaying nature of her leg, only adds to the goriness of it all. Further, the visuals are backed by a wonderfully eerie background score that builds up to the moment. 

The 'Screamer 2', as the teaser is called, is quite good, and promises a different film than the usual staple horror romances. 

Pari is directed by Prosit Roy and also stars Kahaani (2012) actor Parambrata Chatterjee, and Rajat Kapoor. Roy has been part of two horror stories before; as associate director on Ek Thi Daayan (2013) and Phillauri (2017). 

Produced by Sharma's Clean Slate Films and KriArj Entertainment, Pari will hit the screens on 2 March.