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I can play a prostitute and have an opinion: Tillotama Shome

Supporting Swara Bhasker for writing the open letter on Padmaavat, Shome said people are free to express their opinion, and it becomes problematic when it is taken out of context.


Actress Tillotama Shome says singer Suchitra Krishnamoorthi's comment on Swara Bhasker's open letter on Padmaavat was ridiculous. She feels people are free to express their opinion, and it becomes problematic when it is taken out of context.

Shome was amongst the first few celebrities to speak up for Bhasker following the wrath she faced on social media after sharing her opinion of Padmaavat.

Swara Bhaskar criticized for open letter to Bhansali on Padmaavat

Continuing to defend Bhasker and the freedom of expression, Shome told IANS, a new agency: "I would like to say that Swara has just put herself out there and expressed her emotions about how she felt after watching the film and I think she is absolutely free to express that. What I found very strange and difficult to understand that remarks from other people like Suchitra Krishnamoorthi and Vivek Agnihotri who have completely twisted what she said out of context."

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The Qissa (2015) actress further stated, "One suggested that she can't talk about feeling reduced to a vagina... And she can't express that because she has played the role of a prostitute. That's absolutely ridiculous. I can play a prostitute or I can play a pious character on-screen and yet be entitled to an opinion, and certainly do not need to be raped to understand what a vagina feels like. I think whether you like what Swara has written or not is absolutely personal and you are absolutely free to express that, but I think complicating it and taking it out of context is very problematic."

Bhasker's critique of Padmaavat as a movie that glorifies sati (jumping in husband's pyre) and jauhar (self-immlotaion), sparked a war of words between celebrities.

While director Vivek Agnihotri called Bhasker a "fake feminist", Krishnamoorthi claimed "reduced to vagina" is the most repressed and patriarchal line she had read.