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This Chiranjeevi-Kendrick Lamar mashup is just the right thing to pep up a Monday

Chiranjeevi and Kendrick Lamar might inhabit different cinematic universes, but social media and creative YouTubers have found a way to put the two together. 

Shriram Iyengar

With the frenzy over Marvel's latest superhero instalment, Black Panther, hitting India, fans have discovered the musical genius of Kendrick Lamar. The composer-rapper's soundtrack in the superhero film has been praised all over.

While Chiranjeevi might not have starred in a Marvel instalment, he has a chance to shake a leg to Lamar's soundtrack in a latest YouTube mashup. The compilation sees the veteran Telugu superstar's song video from the film Pasivadi Pranam (1987) imposed with Lamar's 'Humble' audio track.

Despite the vast time difference, the choreography of Chiranjeevi's song 'Chakkani Chukka' from the film is a step by step match to Lamar's breathless rap rhythm.

Incidentally, the song 'Chakkani Chukka' was the first in Telugu cinema to feature a break-dance routine. While choreographers will question the use of the terminology, what cannot be questioned is the synchronisation of the mash-up.

Dressed in a warrobe of blue leotards and headbands, the Telugu star dancing on snow clad mountains, alongside motley dancers, does not seem out of place with the soundtrack.

Posted by Halley, a YouTuber, the video has Chiranjeevi and actress Vijayashanti moving in sync to Lamar's music. The video has already acquired more than 1,50,000 views, the number is just rising.

Even Chiranjeevi might be inspired with this musical touch.