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Aamhi Doghi Take 3: Priya Bapat, Mukta Barve expose their emotional side

The latest trailer from film, directed by Pratima Joshi, heightens expectations from the cast.

Keyur Seta

The first two takes of director Pratima Joshi’s Aamhi Doghi were more in the light-hearted zone. But take 3 of the film, which was recently released, focusses on the serious side of the story. This also means that it is more moving and emotional.

We have so far seen the sweet bonding between Priya Bapat and Mukta Barve’s characters. Now, we get to see aspects like minor conflicts, separation and their outcome. Hence, there is more drama. It is clear that the director has taken great care to keep it subtle.

We also get to know more about the story. When Bapat’s character is a teenager, she decides to migrate to Mumbai leading to an emotional separation with Barve's character. There comes a turnaround in her personality after she grows up. Then one day, Barve lands up at her doorstep.

All this is enough to add to the positive vibes and expectations from the film.

The natural chemistry between both actresses is impressive. Despite Amhi Doghi being her directorial debut, Joshi gives the feeling of handling the subject well. The whole picture will be clearer once the film is released.

Also starring Bhushan Pradhan, Aamhi Doghi is set to be released on 23 February.

Watch Aamhi Doghi Take 3: