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Pari trailer: This haunting film promises to turn your world upside down

Director Prosit Roy has cut out a crisp, short, gripping and frightening trailer.  

Mayur Lookhar

After weeks of spooking audiences with 'screamer' teasers, the makers of Pari have unveiled the trailer of the horror film that will send shivers down your spine. This Pari certainly has intrigue and suspense written all over it.

Catchlines like 'not a fairy tale' and 'devil’s out to play' send a clear warning that Pari is not for the faint-hearted, but lovers of the horror genre craving for gripping spooky action.

As seen from the earlier teasers and poster, Pari reminds one of Shakespeare’s Three Witches and popular Hollywood film The Conjuring (2013). While such comparisons are along expected lines, the beauty of the Pari trailer is that the suspense factor is intact. In fact, it gives rise to a new probability. Is Sharma really controlled by the demon or is she the devil incarnate herself?

We hear a creepy female voice say, “Jis kaam ke liye bani hai, samjho ho gaya” (The work that she was born to do is as good as done). This could well be the voice of the creepy looking old woman/witch seen in a few Pari posters before. The lady has a blink-and-miss appearance in the trailer too. Obviously, director Prosit Roy won't be revealing much about the woman yet.

The trailer is full of haunting visuals, none more scary than the image of Sharma hanging upside down and staring from outside the window. This image will turn your world upside down. There are familiar scenes like a tub of blood, Sharma jumping out of her bed, creepily crawling on the floor. One cannot part with such scenes in a good horror film.

Then we have Sharma blow bubbles out of acid. There’s also an eye socket in a glass of water or some liquid.

As opposed to the earlier perception, Pari is not related to Parambrata Chatterjee’s character. Chatterjee finds the girl in a freaked out state in a small cave. Perhaps, Sharma may not be possessed and she chooses Chatterjee as the one who will help give birth to a monster. That could explain the creepy woman holding a child in her lap and drinking blood from the milk bottle.

Rajat Kapoor’s character seems to be out to hunt Sharma or the devil in her. The mysteries around Pari only multiply in the trailer. Roy has cut out a crisp, short, gripping and frightening trailer.  

Pari will be released on 2 March.

Watch the trailer below: