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3 Storeys 'Bas Tu Hai' song: A rocking ballad triggering a sense of nostalgia

The best aspect of the song is the endearing composition by Clinton Cerejo.

Mayur Lookhar

Valentine's Day is not only about sharing great moments with your beloved. Not every one is lucky in love, there are millions nursing a broken heart. The makers of 3 Storeys have released the 'Bas Tu Hai' song from the film, and it is one that strikes a chord with the loners. No, this is not a slow, melancholic number, but one that invokes nostalgia.

They once loved each other dearly, but destiny had other plans. The people in question here are Sharman Joshi and Masumeh Makhija’s characters. Makhija is married to another man and Joshi is left with her memories. 3 Storeys is their first film together, but Joshi and Makhija share a great on-screen chemistry. 

Puneet Krishna's poetic lyrics set the soothing tone of the track. After all, we live in times where finding fine poetry is like discovering goldust. Though not a masterpiece, 'Bas Tu Hai' does comes as a breath of fresh air.

After a mellow beginning, the tempo of the track switches in the end to one similar to pop music. The change in rhythm also has Arijit Singh take the notes higher. The first half of the song scores over the second. 

The best aspect of the song is the endearing composition by Clinton Cerejo. This tune succeeds in bringing about a sense of nostalgia.

It is a pity the song ends too soon. One can only wait for the extended version. Directed by Arjun Mukherjee, 3 Storeys is set to be released on 9 March.