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Amala Paul thanks Vishal for supporting her in sexual harrasment case

Mambalam police recently arrested one Azhagesan for inappropriately touching the actress and speaking to her in an indecent manner.

Manigandan KR

Actress Amala Paul, who had recently lodged a police complaint against a man alleging he harrassed her during dance rehearsals for a programme in Malaysia, has thanked actor Vishal for standing by her on the issue.

It may be recalled that the Mambalam police recently arrested a man, identified as Azhagesan, in the case.

Amala had claimed the man had brushed past her on the staircase of the studio. She had also alleged that Azhagesan had spoken to her in an indecent fashion. "He spoke in an unpleasant manner. He was talking as if he wanted to sexually trade me. I was shocked and humiliated. That is why I have come to the police station to lodge a complaint," the actress said.

Following this, Vishal, who is the secretary of the South Indian Artistes' Association and the preseident of the Tamil Film Producers' Council had applauded Amala's decision to fight back. 

"Hats off to your guts Amala for your boldness in the recent incident. Salute you. Needs a lot of determination and guts to move a case on sexual harassment. Sincere thanks to the police deparment for the swift action taken. Case filed. Hope these culprits learn a lesson," he had tweeted.

The actress thanked Vishal for his support and tweeted back — "Thank you Vishal for standing by me and assuring me that I must not let it go, and I didn’t, now I believe it’s every woman’s duty, to not let it go and stand for themselves. He was ready to trade me off like a meatloaf, his guts make me sick, his existence makes me sick."