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Revolver Rani director Sai Kabir in rehab at Mumbai's Masina Hospital

The troubled filmmaker was admitted on 31 January and is undergoing de-addiction treatment for alcohol and drug abuse.

Mayur Lookhar

Director Sai Kabir, who helmed Revolver Rani (2014), starring Kangana Ranaut, has been admitted to the rehabilitation centre at Masina Hospital, located in Byculla, Mumbai. 

A hospital staff has confirmed the news to, “Mr Shrivastav (Sai Kabir) has been admitted since 31 January. He’s being treated by Dr Matcheswala.”

Dr Matcheswala is a renowned psychiatrist and has decades of experience in the field. 

There is no word on Kabir's current condition, but according to a report in, the director is undergoing de-addiction treatment for alcohol and drug abuse.

He has reportedly opted to be treated in the general ward as he does not want to be left alone. “He was going to be admitted in a private room but Sai refused to stay there. He insisted he be admitted to the general ward (he may have felt uneasy and claustrophobic at the thought of no one being around),” the report quoted a source.

The report also stated that the director talks of his plans for making a film and sometimes quarrels with fellow patients over trivial matters.

Kabir is likely to be kept in the hospital for three months. 

A week ago, Kabir’s servant, Raju, had fallen off from his 7th floor flat in Rajdoot Apartment in Yari Road, Andheri. The filmmaker was soon arrested, but was then taken to Cooper Hospital, as he was found to be mentally unstable.