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Film on India’s first woman army officer Major Priya Jhingan in the works

Oddbal Motion Pictures have acquired the rights for the film. 

Keyur Seta

It has been raining biopics in mainstream Hindi cinema for the last few years. Many of these have been based on lives of sportspersons, and have nationalistic sentiments. Now, there's another on the way — a biopic on India’s first woman Indian Army officer.

Oddball Motion Pictures is all set to make a film on the life of Major Priya Jhingan. Producer Nitin Upadhyaya announced the film today, which happens to be Jhingan's 50th birthday. Jhingan was enrolled as Cadet number 001 along with 24 other women.

According to the official note, it took a lot of convincing for Jhingan to give a nod for a film to be made on her life. “After immense perseverance Oddball Motion Pictures acquired the rights to make a biopic on the life of Major Priya Jhingan, the first woman cadet to join the Indian Army in 1992,” said the note.

“While she has lived her longstanding dream and assigned her life's rights for a feature film, she feels that the movie will speak tenfolds and jovially jokes, ‘Picture abhie baki hain mere dost,’” added the note.   

Speaking about the film, Upadhyaya said that it was tougher for women for enter such fields in the early 1990s. “The film is an example of the kind of struggle a woman goes through when she joins an unchartered field of work, this is heightened immediately when we are talking about the early 1990s, when women had just about started finding their feet in a ‘man’s’ world,” he said.

The makers will reveal the cast soon.