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Richa Chadha, Shibani Kashyap launch music video 'Wanna Be Free'

The actress plays one of a confused generation trapped in the world of social media in Kashyap's latest song, 'Wanna Be Free'. 

Shriram Iyengar

Actress Richa Chadha and singer Shibani Kashyap's latest music video takes on the evil of social media addiction. Sung and composed by Kashyap, the song takes to the cause of encouraging everyone to free themselves from the shackles of social media.

The unveiling event also saw singers Mika Singh, Manmeet and Harmeet of the Meet Brothers duo, writer Virag of the Rashmi-Virag duo and designer Amy Billimoria among others.

The video urges people to realise the importance of personal relationships more than the world of social media. The video shows Chadha as the victim of social media, while Kashyap plays the narrator. The video has several shots of various instances where people are addicted to social media missing out on important and special moments of life.

Chadha dons multiple roles in the video shown as a selfie queen, a bride frustrated with her to be husband’s addiction to social media and technology. The video ends on a note telling the audience that the choice of controlling or leaving an addiction is completely upto them.

Talking about the video, the singer said, "I am personally addicted to social media and this video is a wake-up call for me. For me, roping in Richa was the correct choice. She is one of the most intelligent actresses we have. She’s not just a brilliant actor on screen, but there’s a lot of off-screen intellect she has especially on her social media and, thus, she was the perfect fit.”

While sharing her views on social media addiction, Chadha said, “Internet and social media are a boon, but if used to a certain limit. Social media addiction can be very dangerous and we are slowly getting there. It’s not an epidemic today but we aren’t too far away from it. Social media is a blessing if it’s in control and used for the right things.”

This song has been released under the Zee Music label digitally.