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Was too scared of Rishi Kapoor, says Rajma Chawal actor Anirudh Tanwar

Tanwar, who was Leena Yadav's production assistant on Parched (2016), made his acting debut in the slice-of-life film that has been released on Netflix.

Keyur Seta

Anirudh Tanwar recently made his acting debut in Leena Yadav’s Rajma Chawal, which was released last month on Netflix.

The actor believes that no matter how many films he does in his career, this one will always remain the most important. 

“If after struggling in life you get a film, it becomes important lifelong,” he said during an exclusive conversation with Cinestaan.com on the sidelines of the LIFFT India Filmotsav in Lonavala.

Asked how he got the film, he said, “I was the production assistant with Leena for Parched (2016). She knew I was eager to become an actor and had been trying since 2012, when I came to Mumbai. After Parched, she wrote this script and felt it might suit me.” 

Yadav did not audition Tanwar for the role as she knew him well. “Mahesh Balraj and Mandar Goswami, the casting directors, took my audition for two days," he said. "They then went to Rishi [Kapoor] sir and luckily he also agreed.”

The film sees Tanwar teaming up with the veteran who plays his father. The story deals with Tanwar's character’s displeasure at having shifted from South Delhi to Chandni Chowk. This increases the distance between father and son. The father then uses social media to start talking to the son. 

Anirudh Tanwar said he had heard stories about Kapoor’s legendary anger. On top of that, he had a difficult scene with the veteran. “I was too scared as I had heard this and had never met him before the shoot," he said. "There was a scene where I had to scream at him.”

Describing his fear, he said, “Whatever he feels, he says it to your face. I had this fear that he might say, ‘He is a very bad actor. Throw him out of the film’.”

Nothing of the sort happened, of course. “He was so warm," Tanwar said. "He gave me blessings to work hard and go ahead in life. He said things might be good or bad at some point, but one must always work hard. This is something I will always remember.”

Leena Yadav is known for making serious films. But she has ventured into the light-hearted zone with Rajma Chawal. “Everyone told her this film is not at all like what she makes generally," Tanwar recalled. "But she said she doesn’t want to repeat any of her films and she wants to try new avenues and work with new people."

He added that Yadav said she only makes films for herself and does whatever she feels is right. How people take it is a different matter. 

While Yadav has handled varied subjects so far, Tanwar has spotted one similarity in her style of working. “She always pitches a seasoned actor with a newcomer. She did that in Shabd (2005), Teen Patti (2010), Parched and now in Rajma Chawal."

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