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Been working on eight scripts in the past three years, says Parched director Leena Yadav

In an exclusive conversation at LIFFT 2018, the filmmaker spoke about digital platforms, first-time filmmakers at the festival and her possible next film.

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Suparna Thombare

Filmmaker Leena Yadav's latest film Rajma Chawal (2018) has been receiving a lot of love. The film was recently released on Netflix and got some heartwarming reviews.

Talking about her previous project, Parched (2016), which travelled for more than two years to 20 countries, and Rajma Chawal, Yadav said, "Both have been great journeys. Now I have got a direct connect with the audience and that's grown with Rajma Chawal. Now that it's on Netflix, I'm getting personal messages from audiences from across the world. That is really, really special."

Yadav was speaking exclusively to Cinestaan.com on the sidelines of the LIFFT India Filmotsav that is currently on at Lonavala, a hill station about 100 km from Mumbai.

After completing Rajma Chawal, Yadav has been working on several scripts simultaneously. "I have been working on eight scripts in the last three years," she revealed. "And they are as contrasting as Parched and Rajma Chawal. There is an action film, there is a beautiful love story... but in films, whatever happens happens. So I don't know which one I'm going on to next."

Speaking about digital platforms and how they have come as a boon for smaller films, Yadav said, "Content is ruling the show. So that is redefining a lot of things. Along with that, the variety of platforms one has to get content out there is giving filmmakers wider scope to make films on all kinds of things. It also puts you directly in touch with audiences. Not everything is for everybody."

Formats are also redefining themselves, the filmmaker pointed out. "Soon we could have one-hour feature films," she said. "So all boundaries and boxes have been broken. Now it's all about content. And because of that so much new talent is being introduced."

Yadav also had a word of advice for the many first-time directors whose films are being shown at the LIFFT India Filmotsav: "One is huge congratulations. It's a huge thing you have achieved, that you have made a film. Give yourself loads of credit for that.

"Secondly, just make your next film quickly. But I'll also share that your first film will always be the purest. You always think things will get easier after that, but it will only get tougher from here on."

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