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Rishi Kapoor is the only star who does not interfere in the direction, says Rahul Rawail

The veteran filmmaker also said there are times when the hero of the film decides the story.

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Keyur Seta

Veteran filmmaker Rahul Rawail expressed his displeasure at the importance given to star actors who, according to him, decide everything in a film.

Rawail was speaking at the LIFFT India Filmotsav in Lonavala where he received the Lifetime Achievement award.

Recalling one incident, Rawail said a producer friend of his was happy once after casting a big star in his upcoming movie. “When I asked him the story, he said, ‘How can I decide the story? It is he [the actor] who will decide the story and director.’ It’s disgusting!” 

Rawail said Rishi Kapoor is a rare exception in this regard. “One actor who I don’t think got corrupted with this, and I consider him the best actor this industry has ever had, is Rishi Kapoor. [I am saying this] not because he is a very very dear friend of mine. He is the only one I even see now who is completely with the director,” he said.

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However, the filmmaker was critical of Kapoor as well. “Yeah, he argues a lot and he talks a lot of shit," Rawail said bluntly of his college mate. "But he is not the kind who will interfere with the director.”

Rawail also shared a recollection of an incident in which a director shelved a film for a silly reason. The director was initially very happy at having been able to lay his hands on a good story.

“I met him after about two months and asked, ‘What happened to that story?’ He said, ‘I thought a lot about the film, but I feel the film’s promo won’t come out well',” said the filmmaker, leaving the audience in splits.

“You are making films now deciding on whether the promo will be correct? It’s disgusting!" said Rawail, who was clearly not amused. "It is better to hang yourself then and not exist in this industry.”

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