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Manmohan Singh is more vocal today than he was in 2014, says Anupam Kher

The veteran actor also responded to a recent dig made by the former prime minister about the film which relates to his tenure in office.

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Keyur Seta

Anupam Kher played a 65-year-old in his debut film Saaransh (1984) when he was just 28. But Kher believes his role as Manmohan Singh in the forthcoming political film The Accidental Prime Minister is his toughest till date.

"It is not one of the most difficult roles,” said the actor at the trailer launch of the film today. "It is the most difficult role I have done in my life because Dr Manmohan Singh is known by everybody. We see him everyday. He is basically a shy person. He is not a trained politician."

Manmohan Singh was mercilessly pilloried for his silence during his tenure as prime minister, particularly after 2010, when quite a few financial scandals were unearthed. But the veteran Congressman and economist has become a lot more vocal in recent times, particularly about the performance of his successor, Narendra Modi.

Kher took a dig at Manmohan Singh for this. “Even today he is so active. He is more vocal now than he was in 2014,” said the actor to everyone’s amusement.

Earlier this month, Manmohan Singh had taken a dig, albeit indirectly, at the film on his term in office, saying he was also an accidental finance minister, from 1991-96. Kher took the statement in positive light. “I was very happy with his sense of humour," the actor, an open supporter of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), said.

Explaining the film's title, which is based on a book of the same name by Manmohan Singh’s first media adviser Sanjaya Baru, Kher said, “He was an economist brought as the finance secretary, then he became the finance minister, and then the prime minister. That’s how he was the accidental prime minister.”

Kher was happy that they were able to complete the important first schedule of the film at a secluded place in England in 40 days. “There was nobody else. Outside my room was written ‘Prime Minister’ because I wanted to behave like Dr Manmohan Singh. I used to get ready and it used to take me one and a half hours,” he said.