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Simmba song 'Aala Re Aala': Ranveer Singh steals the show in high-octane, colourful song

Composer Tanishk Bagchi succeeds in scoring a rollicking, dhamakedaar score with contemporary desi Bollywood beats.

Mayur Lookhar

What happens when a live wire like Ranveer Singh joins forces with a masala filmmaker like Rohit Shetty? There’s bound to be an explosion on the screen. While fans eagerly await the film’s release, Shetty and the makers have released the explosive track 'Aala Re Aala.

The track is meant to be only an introduction to Simmba (Ranveer Singh), but we see him bouncing through the track.

Going by his track record, Shetty likes to have a crowd for such songs, and so there's a huge number of women and men dressed in traditional Maharashtrian clothing. Singh is the odd man out not just for his clothing, but for his electrifying dancing too.

Fondly called Simmba, Sangram Bhalerao is a proud Maharashtrian cop. The song is choreographed by Ganesh Acharya. The dancing can be described as masaledaar, freestyle Bollywood contemporary. To hell with traditional forms, a song like this calls for dance with gay abandon. Anna D’Silva, one of the women at the forefront with Singh, describes the choreography as Bollywood-style mixed with western and folk.

The most admirable thing about the song is that the backup dancers match steps with Singh, including a hook step which appears like a cricket stroke. They all add to the energy to make it a visual tour de force.

It's hard to make sense of the lyrics, especially with colloquial terms like machinga and dhin dhin dhap. Lyricist Shabbir Ahmed sticks to his director’s brief of creating a massy track.  

Composer Tanishk Bagchi succeeds in scoring a rollicking, dhamakedaar score with contemporary desi Bollywood beats. The dhol forms the pulse of this high octane track, keeping you hooked throughout the song.

Lead singer Dev Negi reflects the infectious, vibrant energy in his tone. The lyrics are average, but like Singh, Negi, too, revels in the theme of entertainment and the joyful music. There's no instant connect to the other singer, Goldi. Perhaps he’s the voice crooning the gibberish words ‘rak-ki-tiki’. This reviewer particularly enjoyed the chorus by the female vocalists — Ryka Deshpande, Ayushi Pawar, Vaidehi Kusgaonkar, Ojas Juvekar, Sharvil Padte, Shakya Hatte and Chennai Sargam Choir. The chorus sounds like little girls singing innocently.

'Aala Re Aala' is a highly entertaining number. Simmba will be released on 28 December.

Watch the song below:

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