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Hruta Durgule: I am in no hurry to enter films

The popular television actress is starring with Umesh Kamat in a play that has been produced by Kamat's wife Priya Bapat. 

Keyur Seta

Hruta Durgule is a popular name among youngsters because of her stints in Marathi television series. She started off with the series Durva when she was a teenager. She followed it up with another hit serial Phulpakharu where her character Vaidehi became famous.

Generally, after successful stints in television, young artistes are eager to get into cinema. But not Durgule. In a conversation with, she said, “I am not at all in any kind of hurry [to act in movies]. Currently my focus is theatre. I feel if we do the current task well, only then we get other offers.”

The play she is currently doing is the much hyped Dada Ek Good News Aahe. She plays Umesh Kamat’s younger sister in the play. Directed by Advait Dadarkar, the play has been produced by Kamat’s wife, the popular actress Priya Bapat. 

Speaking about her eagerness to be on stage, Hruta Durgule said, “This is an excellent medium that offers a chance for an artiste to grow. And I am eager to experience it. The rehearsal process is still on and will continue to be so even after we start our shows. We are keen on making the next performance better than the previous one.” 

This is Durgule's first commercial play and she admitted that she is frightened. “I feel we won’t be exactly able to define it till our first show. I am very scared and nervous. But at the same time, I am very excited because I want to perform,” she said.