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Cheat India song 'Daaru Wargi': Corrupt Emraan Hashmi’s riches reflected in an intriguing visual representation

Guru Randhawa has penned, scored and also crooned the song.

Mayur Lookhar

The makers of Cheat India have released their first song 'Daaru Wargi'. It is not your typical Hindi-Punjabi song that glorifies alcohol consumption, or indulges in voyeurism. The Guru Randhawa track is quite apt for the film’s subject.

Directed by Soumik Sen, Cheat India is based on corruption in the education system with lead actor Emraan Hashmi playing a corrupt character Rakesh Singh. He takes money from the rich students to help them clear the exams. The fallible, impressionable students look for an easy way out and Hashmi and Randhawa are selling them dreams through the 'Daaru Wargi' song.

The song begins with a few students enamoured by the riches, high life and even sinful pleasures of Rakesh Singh and Randhawa. The Punjabi pop singer has penned, scored and also crooned the song.

What stands out about the track is the visual representation. Whoever is the brain behind the picturization deserves credit.

The song is represented through the pages of a magazine being flipped to display the visuals. This metaphorical representation is basically Rakesh Singh luring the students to take the easy way out. It's hard to recollect such picturization in the past in a Hindi film song, but perhaps the closest is the 'Tum Bin Jiya Udhaas' single by Bally Sagoo. Sagoo and his team had used photo frames for the visualisation.

'Daaru Wargi' has a rich visual appeal, but Randhawa also scores for his peppy, groovy pop music. Much like a person who gets high after a few pegs, the tempo of the track rises by the second. Now, that is where the track goes a little awry before it returns to the core easy going beats.

Listen the song without the video and the lyrics perhaps may not appeal as much. There’s a cockiness to Hashmi’s character and he seems to be regailing in it.

Cheat India will be released on 25 January 2019.

Watch the 'Daaru Wargi' song below:

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