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Umesh Kamat: Priya Bapat understands actors’ concerns as a producer

The actor is playing the lead in the Marathi play Dada Ek Good News Aahe, which is produced by actress and his wife Bapat. 

Keyur Seta

Actors and real-life husband-wife Umesh Kamat and Priya Bapat got appreciation when they played an onscreen couple in Sameer Vidwans’s Time Please (2013). They are now set to bring their association on stage, but in a different way. Bapat is the producer of the Marathi play Dada Ek Good News Aahe, where Kamat is playing the lead role along with actress Hruta Durgule.

During an exclusive chat with, when Kamat was asked as to how it was sharing a different professional relationship with Bapat, he jokingly said, “It has been superb, at least till now. I hope it continues this way.”

He believes that as she herself is an artiste, she is aware about the requirements of actors. “She knows that the actors need to feel comfortable. Else, the actors might feel that the producer won’t know what we need. But as she knows both the points of view, it has been positive,” he said.

While speaking about the play, Kamat added that Dada Ek Good News Aahe speaks about the importance of relationship between a brother and sister. Durgule plays his younger sister.

“The relationship between brother and sister is, at times, taken for granted. The celebration of the bond isn’t seen openly. It happens a lot on social media these days, but I feel it should happen on the stage and reach the audience,” he said, adding, “This is our constant effort. The play caters to people from today’s era.”

Actors often say that theatre offers maximum satisfaction as compared to movies or TV. Kamat, however, doesn’t believe in the theory. “I feel if someone feels that way then he or she should only do theatre because ultimately satisfaction is important. Of course, its levels can be different. I definitely enjoy theatre but I also enjoy television serials and cinema in the same way. My current phase is to enjoy theatre more. I am getting good roles,” he said and added that if he gets a good offer in films or TV, he will do that with as much passion as he does theatre.

Kamat has had a vast experience in theatre and films. But he confessed that despite that he is nervous. “I am a lot nervous. There are butterflies in my stomach. It’s just that because of my experience I have learnt to not show it outside. I am excited too. My entire focus right now is on my character Vinit. I wish to ensure that I perform it as well as possible and the audience likes it,” he said.

As far as films are concerned, Kamat starred in the multi-starrer Ye Re Ye Re Paisa (2018) earlier this year, which also featured Tejaswini Pandit, Siddharth Jadhav Vinay Patkar. The sequel of the film is currently in the making.