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Cheat India trailer: Emraan Hashmi plays Robin Hood of the education system

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The film, directed by Soumik Sen, looks like an interesting con drama. 

Keyur Seta

Actor Emraan Hashmi’s played a conman in Raja Natwarlal (2014). He is playing a conman in Cheat India too. But here, his character is entirely different from the one in Raja Natwarlal. The other difference is that Cheat India looks much more promising.

Directed by Soumik Sen, the film is about a man (Hashmi) who makes a fortune through fraudulent means. He makes intelligent candidates take engineering and management entrance exams as dummies for students who aren’t so good in studies.

But Hashmi’s role isn’t all black. Through the money earned, he also helps those aspiring students who can’t afford the fees of these engineering and management institutes. In other words, the actor plays Robin Hood. But one day, he and his associate get caught by the authorities.

Going by the trailer, Cheat India looks like an interesting con drama. We have seen plenty of con films, but the subject of this one stands out.

Hashmi hasn’t had a hit film for a long time. He has more than a chance with this one if the actual film lives up to the trailer. The bad news for him is that Cheat India will be clashing with Manikarnika, Super 30 and Thackeray on 25 January 2019.

Watch the trailer below:


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