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Amavas song 'Jab Se Mera Dil': Average track but amusing to see Nargis Fakhri dwarf Sachiin Joshi

Singers Armaan Malik and Palak Muchhal are let down by the average lyrics and indifferent tempo. 

Mayur Lookhar

The makers of the film Amavas, starring Sachiin Joshi and Nargis Fakhri, have released their first song, 'Jab Se Mera Dil'. Should you lose sleep if you are unable to tune in? Not really, for the song has no lyrical or musical appeal.

Penned by Sandeep Nath, the lyrics are pretty average. The music by Sanjeev Darshan is not too flattering either. Darshan keeps changing the tempo of the track using different rhythms, which simply results in the song lacking continuity. Just listening to the score you get the sense that the arrangement has been very abrupt.

Armaan Malik and Palak Muchhal have fine voices, but when you are let down by the lyrics and by the music, what can the singers do? 

Perhaps the only interesting thing — or, should we say, amusing — thing about the song is the visuals. If memory serves us well, Nargis Fakhri was rumoured to have opted out of Y Films’ Bank Chor (2017) for she did not deem Kapil Sharma, who was initially offered the film, a 'fitting' co-star.

Neither Fakhri nor Kapil Sharma eventually featured in that film, but it does make you wonder how, if she had a problem being paired with a popular television star, the Rockstar (2011) actress is now romancing businessman-actor Joshi in this horror flick.

Joshi has never been your archetypal handsome hero. Indeed, he and Fakhri make for an odd couple. The Czech Republic-born model-turned-actress dwarfs Joshi, which is a little amusing. It’s not so much the physical mismatch as the complete lack of chemistry seen in this song. It just looks like a poorly staged act.

Amavas is set to be released on 11 January 2019. Watch the song only if you are an avid Nargis Fakhri (or Sachiin Joshi) fan.

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