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Anu Malik, Shaan, Ila Arun, Baba Sehgal to recreate 1990s with Kajol in Helicopter Eela

The four singers, who were particularly famous in the 1990s, will make special appearances in the Pradeep Sarkar film.

Our Correspondent

The trailer of Pradeep Sarkar's Helicopter Eela, starring Kajol and Riddhi Sen, has been much appreciated since it was released earlier this week. The actress’ character in the film will have two looks – one as a young, aspiring singer in the 1990s and the other as a single mother in 2018. 

In order to recreate the 1990s era, the film's makers have roped in singers Anu Malik, Shaan, Ila Arun and Baba Sehgal, who were particularly famous in that period, to make a special appearance. 

Speaking about the idea, Sarkar, in an official statement, said, “Since the role spans from the 1990s to 2018, with Kajol playing an aspiring singer, we wanted to recreate the music scene of that decade for one of the most important sequences. And since it was vital that we keep it authentic, we decided to get in touch with these four industry stalwarts who graciously agreed to be a part of the film.”

According to the director, the fact that the four singers look pretty much the same even now was useful too. “They haven’t changed much over the years so that fit the part well. Kajol’s Eela meets all of them separately at a party and we had a great time shooting it,” he said. 

Sarkar wanted the shoot to be spontaneous to ensure the sequence appeared natural. “For such shoots, you have to transport yourself to that era. Also, since they are all playing themselves, I wanted the shoot to be spontaneous and believable, so we avoided rehearsing them,” he added. 

Helicopter Eela tells the story of a single mother who returns to college to complete her studies and becomes her son’s (Riddhi Sen) classmate. Produced by Ajay Devgn and Jayantilal Gada, the will be released on 7 September.