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Romance we show in movies is ridiculous: Filmmaker Karan Johar

Johar was out to promote the second season of his Radio show Calling Karan. The filmmaker was joined by, actress Neha Dhupia, director Imtiaz Ali and actor Rannvijay Singh on a panel that spoke on love and relationships.

Mayur Lookhar

As a filmmaker, Karan Johar has largely delved into romantic subjects with films like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998), Student Of The Year (2012) and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (2016). In a couple of films, he has even dared to go beyond the traditional story lines, not afraid to even touch upon infidelity in Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (2006). Going by his filmography, one would expect Johar to back romantic films at all cost. However, he says that the romance shown in movies is ridiculous and not something that can be followed in real life.

Johar was out to promote the second season of his Radio show Calling Karan. The filmmaker was joined by, actress Neha Dhupia, director Imtiaz Ali and actor Rannvijay Singh on a panel. The discussion largely centred around love and relationships.

During the discussion, Johar was asked if he has ever given an advice to a caller on his show by citing examples from his movies. “No. What we show in the movies is ridiculous. You can possibly ruin people’s lives by giving those kind of situations. Those are meant for TVR (TV ratings). When you give legit advice, you really have to kind of get into the centre of the situation and then I take it very seriously," Johar quipped.

The filmmaker had a piece of advice for the jilted lovers as well. According to him, a broken heart is not such a bad thing. “What I always say is that don’t worry about break-up, broken heart. There is something which is very strong about a broken heart. It can empower you in so many ways. I think we get so terrified of being heart broken, hurt, sometimes you stay away from the possibility of a relationship. It [heart break] completely empowers you, it solidifies you to a larger extent.”

Further, without revealing any names, Johar revealed that some artistes deliberately go through a heart break to be able to perform better onscreen. 

“If you are good actor, you must have a broken heart, it is not possible for you to kind of depict a certain amount of emotion on celluloid. Sometimes, your eyes do depict your heart story,” said Johar, “Many of them who I speak volumes, they have been through that journey in life. Many of them do that purposely sometimes. They traumatise themselves only so that they can perform better,” he said.

Johar was also asked if he likes the films that he has made, and the director-producer was ready with a frank reply.

“No, not all of them. I think one or two of them I floored and fumbled with. In retrospect, when I look back at some parts of the movies, I cringe, I feel terrible that I subjected an audience to such portions. But some of them [films] got fortunate. Maybe some other parts in that movie, perhaps, made them reach a certain success mark. But I’m not proud and happy with each of them, In fact, I’m yet to do film I entirely love,” Johar replied.

He also spoke about his dislike for 'PDA' (public display of affection), even stating that he feels like slapping those who indulge in it. “The one thing that I will advise people to not do is PDA. It is the most unbearable thing when people are in a relatiohip. I’m like, get a room, go to a toilet, to the washroom. Do it in front of any other place but not in front of the whole world. We don’t to see you smothering each other’s faces.

“It’s bloody annoying. I’m like, ‘listen, keep it in your pants...I want to wake up and slap those couples across their faces. I feel deep amounts of violence when I see couples like that,” the filmmaker exclaimed.