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Disha Patani unveils unreleased poster of Baaghi 2; was the story tweaked?

The actress's presence in a climax scene raises questions of whether producer-writer Sajid Nadiadwala made changes to the storyline.

Unreleased poster of Baaghi 2

Mayur Lookhar

Four months after it was released, Baaghi 2 is back in the news. Actress Disha Patani shared an unreleased poster from the film, also starring Tiger Shroff, on her Twitter handle.

The film had turned out to be a big commercial success, bagging well over Rs160 crore nett at the domestic box office.

What is surprising about the poster is the presence of Patani's character. Remove her from the image, and the poster seems to depict one of the action scenes in the climax.

Those who have watched Baaghi 2 would know that Patani's character does not appear in the climax. Without giving out spoilers, we would just say that her character does not fit right in the climax scene.

So, was the plot tweaked?

Baaghi 2 is the official remake of Telugu film Kshanam (2016). The original story was adapted by producer Sajid Nadiadwala.

Nadiadwala and director Ahmed Khan made a drastic change to the plot of the original film. This new poster seems to suggest that Nadiadwala may have contemplated going along the lines of the original plot.

However, all such speculation has been laid to rest by Abbas Hierapurwala, one of the screenplay writers of the film.

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“There was no change to the plot in Baaghi 2. That poster you have seen today is one of the promotional posters that was shot. This was the third or fourth alternative. Since this is an action thriller, the director and marketing team decided to go with the solo poster of Tiger Shroff. That was more appropriate to the story and the scenes,” said Hierapurwala.

Hierapurwala assured that that save for another key change to the plot from the original Telugu film, Nadiadwala did not tweak anything in his adaptation.

“A Hindi film has to appeal to a pan-India audience, and so what works for a regional film cannot [always] be incorporated as it is for a Hindi film. You have to make changes to the script in accordance with the tastes of the Hindi audience. No producer-director understands this better than Sajid Nadiadwala,” he said.

Nadiadwala will return with Baaghi 3 in the coming years, but Hierapurwala will not be part of third film as he has committed himself to a different project.

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