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Kuasha Jakhon trailer: Paranormal romance with mystery mansion and unsatisfied souls

Directed by Meenakshii and Abhishek, the film stars Sudeshna Roy, Anindya Banerjee, Shataf Figar, Manali Dey, Saon Dey, Gargee Roy Chowdhury and Rishav Basu.

Roushni Sarkar

The trailer of Meenakshii and Abhishek’s upcoming paranormal-romance Kuasha Jakhon was launched by the music company Amara Muzik in the presence of the director duo, artistes Sudeshna Roy, Anindya Banerjee, Shataf Figar, Manali Dey, Saon Dey and Rishav Basu at South City Club on Thursday (2 August). Music director Chirantan Banerjee, singers Rupankar Bagchi and Raj Burman were also present for the event.

The film also features Gargee Roy Chowdhury as Rajeswari. Kuasha Jakhon narrates two parallel narratives from 1960 and the present.

In the trailer, Anindya Banerjee’s character approaches Rishav Basu, an expert in occultism, to look into an old mansion, which he has now turned into a heritage hotel and which is frequently haunted by unsatisfied souls. As the expert ventures into unearthing the mystery of the mansion, he comes across the stories from past lives.

“The story is foggy in the beginning. However, the fog gradually disperses and in the end a mystery is unveiled. There are elements of thriller and nostalgia in the film. I don’t think any Bengali film of this kind has been made in the recent times. The music of the film is extremely haunted. I along with my brother have written the subtitle of the film and the story is so engrossing that while writing it we went till the end of it,” stated Sudeshna Roy.

The release date of the film has not been announced yet.

Watch the trailer below:

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