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Director Elan, producer Sandeep Singh to remake Tamil film Pyaar Prema Kaadhal (2018) in Hindi

The duo will also collaborate on a multi-film deal which will launch new artistes and filmmakers.

Sonal Pandya

The hit Tamil film Pyaar Prema Kaadhal (2018), starring Harish Kalyan and Raiza Wilson and directed by Elan, is being remade in Hindi by the filmmaker.

Elan is joining producer Sandeep Singh to bring his rom com to the Hindi screen.

The duo will also come together to make a Tamil-Hindi rom com-fantasy which will have a 60-day schedule in Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh in December.

In a press release, producer Sandeep Singh said, “Elan is a dynamic director. At the age of 27, he is a creative genius. We got along very well."

The producer said the Tamil title of the other film that they will be making is Punnagai Arasan (2019), or King Of Smiles. "We are here to produce a lot of films together and will also be launching newcomers in terms of directors and actors," he said in the statement.

Sandeep Singh also revealed that Punnagai Arasan’s crew will be drawn from the Tamil and Hindi film industries. The male lead will be selected from the Tamil industry while the female lead will be from the Hindi industry. The film will have six romantic songs composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Pyaar Prema Kaadhal (2018)’s Hindi remake is due to begin filming only next year. Singh and Elan will work on Punnagai Arasan (2019) first.

Elan said of their future plans, “When I showed [Pyaar Prema Kaadhal (2018)] to Sandeep, he loved it and that's when we decided to collaborate. We are here to deliver good content and create better cinema for our audience. Since we both are young, it’s a long way for us to go. Both the films will roll one after the other.”