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Everybody who does good in Tamil Nadu is a chief minister: Vishal

South Indian Artistes Association secretary and Tamil Film Producers Council president Vishal dropped strong hints that he still plans to enter politics.

Vishal Krishna in a scene from Irumbu Thirai (2018)

Manigandan KR

South Indian Artistes Association (Nadigar Sangam) secretary and Tamil Film Producers Council president Vishal dropped strong hints on Tuesday to suggest that he still has plans of entering politics.

Participating in the 100th day celebrations of his blockbuster Irumbu Thirai, Vishal began by chiding fans who cheered him as a future chief minister of Tamil Nadu.

He turned to them and said, “Do you think the chief minister's post is something like a class monitor's post? Anyone who does a good deed is a CM in Tamil Nadu.”

Joking about how director Mithran had, in a lighter vein, said he had to witness 'three elections and three birthdays of Vishal' before he could get him to complete shooting for the film, Vishal told him, "You will have to disclose the temple to which you went and prayed that my nomination papers for the RK Nagar constituency be rejected. Because I will go to the very same temple to offer prayers."

"When Mithran looked to begin work on this film, he found nobody in front of the camera. That was because we had gone to file my nomination in the RK Nagar by-election. Then, the film's cinematographer George, director Mithran and the film's editor Ruben, all thought that if they let me do as I pleased, I would postpone work on the film by another four months and prayed hard that my nomination shouldn't get approved. Their wish was granted," he told the audience, which roared with laughter. 

The actor then said with a laugh,"Thiruparankundram by-elections haven't been announced, but they will be held soon. It is our constituency. Moreover, it is a constituency in our district, Madurai."

On a serious note, he said, "Let us keep this issue of whether I will or will not come to politics for later. What I want to say is that I am not saying you have to follow me. What I wish to point out is that I am there with you. I will be there with you always. It is the recognition that fans like you have accorded me that I now stand on this stage. I will not forget that at any point."

The actor, who praised actress Samantha, said, “It’s not just me, but everyone has been doing good for the society. Samantha has done some really big things and so are the others here. If doing good service gets you to be called a politician, then, we are all politicians." 

The actor, who thanked all the cast and crew of the film, said, “My first salary in the film industry was Rs100 on Day 1. I was working as an assistant director to Arjun sir. He gets the credit for helping me earn during that time. If Irumbu Thirai has completed 100 successful days in Tamil Nadu and other regions,
it’s only because of Arjun sir. If not for him, this would have been a regular movie that would have run for a span of three weeks.”