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Pataakha 'Balma' song: Gulzar's sweet and sour lyrical take on this sibling rivalry will floor you

The fun lyrics, apt singing and delightful score is backed by an endearing desi choreography.

Mayur Lookhar

In most households, siblings are the ones most excited at the wedding of a brother or a sister. In the case of a bride, it is usually her sister who indulges in fun and games, especially pulling the groom’s leg, hiding his shoes and returning it at a hefty price.

There’s a wedding in Vishal Bhardwaj’s Pataakha. However, instead of targeting the groom, Genda (Sanya Malhotra) is more keen at mocking her sister, bride-to-be Champa (Radhika Madan). This forms the crux of 'Balma' song. 

Pataakha is a tale of two sisters who just can’t bear the sight of each other. Genda is happy that Champa will be out of her life after her wedding to Patel (Saanand Verma). The two sisters are locked in a lyrical mocking of each other’s boyfriends. The men, though, are just pawns in this sibling rivalry.

Penned by Gulzar, 'Balma' is a sweet and sour lyrical take on their rivalry. There’s seldom any poetry in cursing and Genda and Champa’s verbal volleys are very child like. You feel for their mother who is caught in the crossfire. Here is a track that simply cannot be enjoyed without its visuals.

Before the sibling lyrical war begins, one is totally charmed by the conversation between Champa and her boyfriend. “I love you as as much as the buffaloes, milk in the world,” Genda tells her man on the phone. This line reflects the innocent love that’s dipped in dollops of rustic humour. 

Rekha Bhardwaj is the voice of Genda, while Sunidhi Chauhan is that of Champa. Now, while the siblings are trying to camouflage their dislike for each other through song and dance, the singers needed to bring out the hatred the sisters carry in their tone. It is here that director-composer Bhardwaj gets the best out of Bhardwaj and Chauhan. As Malhotra and Madan give a convicing performance, the two singers, too, sound as though they are at each other’s throat. 

The fun lyrics, apt singing and delightful score is backed by an endearing desi choreography. Of the two protagonists, it is Madan who displays more energy in her dance. Her desi moves, especially the thumka, will evoke whistles from viewers. Madan looks and explodes like a pataakha in the track. 

Pataakha is set to be released on 28 September.

Watch the song below:

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